Chloroformed and Carried

Starring Raven, Chelsea, and Renee

Featuring Chloroformed, Knocked Out, Medical, Molestation, Nudity, and Sexual Content

The scene starts with Renee talking to Raven on the phone about getting off early from work- they are making arrangements for the rest of the afternoon - Chelsea is out sunning herself by the pool - Renee and Raven make plans to go to the mal with Chelsea.... When Renee gets off the phone she hesitates in telling Chelsea to come in and get ready to go because she knows Raven is still 15 minutes away - unknown to Renee - a man has broken into the house and he has a sadistic plan in mind for the girls. He sneaks up behind Renee and covers her mouth/nose with a white cloth - it's chloroform! Renee struggles and kicks about trying to free herself before she slowly passes out from the chloroform. The assailant picks her limp body up and cradle carries her back to the bedroom - posing her body on the bed. He returns to the living room when he hears Chelsea coming in the house- victim #2! He jumps from behind Chelsea and they struggle - he puts the rag over her face - she thrashes about trying to free herself only to pass out from the chloroform. He hoists her bikini-clad body into his arms and he carries her back to join Renee on the bed. He spends a little time sadistically posing the girls - putting their hands on each others bodies and also touching them himself. He gets ready for Raven's arrival - knowing she can't be far away. When Raven enters the house - she's calling for her roommates when she's attacked from behind. They struggle and the assailant quickly covers her face with the chloroform rag until she passes out. He lifts her lifeless body and takes her to join her unconscious roommates in the bedroom. The assailants plan is to now have fun with the bodies...he manipulates their clothing - and bodies - thoroughly enjoying himself.

"Chloroformed and Carried" - 30 minutes

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