Wonder Woman Raped by the Sleeper

Starring Chantal as Wonder Woman

Featuring Blow Jobs/Oral Sex, Knocked Out, Molestation, Rape, Sexual Content, and Superheroines

Wonder Woman is talking to Supergirl about a new threat; a man going around raping the superheroines after putting them to sleep. After the call, WW is confronted by the Sleeper who puts her to sleep and face fucks her. WW wakes up and spins into her outfit and waits for the Sleeper to appear again only to be put to sleep again. Eventually, the Sleeper puts WW on the bed a screws her every which way but Sunday before coming inside her. WW wakes up and is disgusted to find semen on her privates.

"Wonder Woman Raped by the Sleeper" - 30 minutes

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