Superheroines in Distress

Starring Renee as Supergirl/Batgirl, and Alex as Wonder Woman

Featuring Knocked Out, Kryptonite, Medical, and Superheroines

Supergirl receives a distress call - finds herself defending against the effects of kryptonite. She weakens and passes out.  When she comes to - she decides to fight fire with fire - dressing as Batgirl to throw off Lex Luthor in his attempt to defeat her.  Supergirl ends up encountering the Royal Flush Gang - will they defeat the superheroine with cards up their sleeves?  During her efforts to conquer the Royal Flush Gang, Supergirl encounters a new obstacle - The Insect King.  He snares her with his web and stings her with his army of insects.  Supergirl begs for Wonder Womans help.  Does Wonder Woman receive the distress call or does she have her hands full with her own assortment of criminals??

"Superheroines in Distress" - 82 minutes

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