Batgirl - Stolen Identity

Starring Alex as Batgirl, and Renee as Electra

Featuring 2 Girls or More, Knocked Out, Medical, Nudity, Pregnant, Rape, Sex Toys/Dildos, Sexual Content, Superheroines, and Unmasking

Electra has come up with a plan to get rid of the caped bitch once and for all! After fine tuning the particulars, she sets a trap for the superheroine. Batgirl, lured on a supposed rescue mission, is easily trapped and knocked unconscious by Electra - just as planned. Electra intends to take over the role of Batgirl - ruining the caped wonders stellar reputation. She strips Batgirl from her outfit - eager to take over the role. She leaves Batgirl unattended for a few moments - during which time Batgirl comes to and tries to escape. She runs right into the villainess who again KO's the naked superheroine. Batgirl now finds herself bound - spread-eagle on the bed and a crazy Electra mocking and taunting her while assuming her identity --putting on the costume piece by piece (including the appropriate wig!). Wanting to further humiliate the old Batgirl, Electra/Batgirl dons a strap-on and sexes up the pathetically weak old Batgirl - screwing her unconscious. Wanting to make sure that her plan is not prematurely aborted.... Electra/Batgirl sets a electronic trap for the tied up superheroine - just in case she tries to escape and foil her plans!

"Batgirl - Stolen Identity" - 41 minutes

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