Superheroines Vs. The Sleeper - Vol. 3

Starring Veronika as Batgirl, Renee as Wonder Woman, and Angel as Powergirl

Featuring Knocked Out, Medical, and Superheroines

The Sleeper has had his fun toying with our Superheroines but he decides to add a little twist to his adventure.  He plots to capture Wonder Woman and Batgirl again so he sets his trap.  The Superheroines each receive a "note" from the Police Commissioner telling them that the other Superheroine has been placed under the control of the sleeper and "she needs to be stopped".  Both Wonder Woman and Batgirl come up with their own sleep powder to use on each other in the hopes of overcoming The Sleepers hold on them.  The Superheroines work against each other - avoiding traps set until they realize that they've been had by The Sleeper - they fell for his latest trick!   In the second segment of Volume 3 - we find The Sleeper going after Powergirl.  Setting his traps and luring the Superheroine right into his sleep powder.

"Superheroines Vs. The Sleeper - Vol. 3" - 63 minutes

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