Superman - The Weakness #3

Starring Alyssa as Supergirl, Veronika, and Superman

Featuring 2 Girls or More, Chloroformed/Carried, Handjobs, Knocked Out, Kryptonite, Masturbation, Medical, Nudity, Sexual Content, and Superheroines

In a continuation from Superman the Weakness #2 - we see Superman lying naked on the table - still weakened from his run-in with Luticia.  Luticia is on the phone with her uncle - Lex Luthor - telling him about her latest escape involving the man of steel.  They plot to weaken him more - using Luticia's sexy young girl act.  Superman struggles to get up  - finally managing to get up - he spots a telephone and calls Supergirl for assistance.  Luticia returns and manages to help Superman to his feet - but starts to turn him on wtih her dialogue and sexy body -knowing that once he's horny, he'll weaken again.  Luticia seduces Superman - stroking his cock and giving him a nice striptease.  He falls to the floor - completely drained.   She decides to call her uncle to give him an update - tying Superman's hands behind his back just in case he starts to come around.   After a few minutes, Supergirl arrives and rushes over to release his bonds.  Luticia enters the room and confronts Supergirl - pulling a kryptonite pendant from behind her back.  Supergirl begins to weaken - Luticia puts the pendant around Supergirls neck knowing that she won't be able to remove it.  With Supergirl unconscious on the floor, Luticia continues her taunting of Superman until he finally falls unconscious to the floor.  After dragging Supergirls lifeless body next to Superman, Luticia places SG's hand on her cousins cock and then sits over them masturbating - talking about how horny it makes her to bring such powerful beings to their knees.

"Superman - The Weakness #3" - 27 minutes

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