Wonder Woman's Humiliation

Starring Veronika as Wonder Woman, Villain Man, and Alyssa as Villain Girl

Featuring 2 Girls or More, Blow Jobs/Oral Sex, Chloroformed, Humiliation, Knocked Out, Medical, Nudity, Pregnant, Rape, Sexual Content, and Superheroines

Villain Girl has devised a plan to capture and humiliate Wonder Woman.  She pretends that her boyfriend Villain Man is raping her and Wonder Woman comes to her rescue.  WW attacks Villain Man only to be surprised by an attack from behind - Villain Girl jumps on her back.  The 2 women go at it before Villain Girl is able to subdue the superheroine with a chloroform rag.  WW still puts up a fight until she's finally unconscious.  When WW starts to come around, she's on the bed with her own rope of truth encircling her neck.  Villain Man is capturing all the action on film - they are broadcasting the action live on their very own cyber-channel.   The villains question WW - getting her to confess her personal secrets - even delving into her sexual history and preferences.  As the truth becomes more apparent, WW is performing sex acts online for her mass audience and loving every minute of it.   WW is scene sucking and fucking Villain Man.  While filming the sequence, Villain Girl inadvertantly looses the lasso from around WW's neck and WW starts to slowly come to her senses.  Realizing what she's been doing, she's trying to break free and pleading for forgiveness while still enjoying the sexual escapades.    With her energy fading fast, WW is forced to continue sucking Villain Man's cock until he cums on her face - ending with Wonder Woman's helpless body being broadcast worldwide.

"Wonder Woman's Humiliation" - 29 minutes

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