Batgirl Defeated

Starring Renee as Batgirl

Featuring Chloroformed/Carried, Humiliation, Knocked Out, Medical, Nudity, Superheroines, and Unmasking

A true test of Batgirls will.  Batgirl is off to investigate a jewel theft when she is confronted by the Sleeper.  He taunts her and eventually knocks her unconscious.  When Batgirl comes to, she finds herself tied to X-Frame.  The Sleeper is persistant, wanting Batgirl to spill the beans on Batman - he wants to know who he is, where he lives and all the essentials so he can trap/capture him.  Batgirl is defiant knowing that someone will rescue her.  Minutes.....hours....days finally pass and Batgirl is still strapped to the X-Frame.  She's dehydrated and hungry.  The Sleeper further humiliates her by exposing her breasts.  He teases her with crackers and water.  He will give them to her if she just tells him what he wants to know.  Batgirl still has the strength to resist - even when she's desperate for the water he is rubbing on her breasts.  Days later we see a weak Batgirl - still defiant but begging for release.  She can't betray Batman but the Sleeper taunts her with water.  She tries to lick the water that he spills down her front before he leaves.  Several days later, Batgirl is exhausted and beyond starving.  The villain tosses more water on her face and eventually Batgirl breaks down.  The sleeper releases her from her restraints and she falls to the floor.  When she starts to reveal the information - he pours water on her face.  We leave Batgirl - completely defeated - licking from a puddle on the floor.

"Batgirl Defeated" - 30 minutes

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