John "The KnockOut"'s Revenge

Starring Veronika as Supergirl

Featuring Knocked Out, Medical, Nudity, Rape, Sexual Content, and Superheroines

A policewoman comes to inquire about a crime with John "The KO". As she's leaving, he hits her on the head from behind and she slumps to the floor. He carries her to the bed where he strips her and fondles her body before raping her. When finished, he's left the room. The policewoman has transformed into Supergirl and she confronts John when he returns. He saw the transformation and knows he has to handle the situation - he hits her on the head again and he rapes the unconscious superheroine after he strips her of her costume. When finished, he heads to the street to hide. Supergirl wakes up slowly, naked - raped and complaining of a nasty headache.

"John "The KnockOut"'s Revenge" - 15 minutes

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