Supergirl vs. The Tickle Thief

Starring Renee as Supergirl

Featuring Chloroformed/Carried, Erotic Tickling, Foot/Arm/Tummy Tickling, Knocked Out, Medical, Nudity, Superheroines, and Tickling

Supergirl is captured by the infamous Tickle Thief. He uses a special spray to knock her out. He ties her to a chair - removes her boots and tickle tortures the superheroines naked feet. Supergirl remains adamant about not giving out the information that the Tickle Thief is after but she finds it hard to resist the tickling. In the second scene, the Tickle Thief has moved Supergirl to a bed where he's restrained her for more tickle torture. The Tickle Thief tickles the superheroines neck, armpits, tummy and between the legs to try to get the information.

"Supergirl vs. The Tickle Thief" - 30 minutes

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