Supergirl Captured, Tickled, Spanked & Humiliated

Starring Veronika as Supergirl, Diamond, and Kianna

Featuring Chloroformed/Carried, Humiliation, Kryptonite, Masturbation, Nudity, Sex Toys/Dildos, Sexual Content, Superheroines, and Tickling

Supergirl responds to a report of a burglary in progress and surprises Diamond and Kianna robbing the premises. She tries to capture them but Diamond slips a Kryptonite necklace over Spergilrs neck and Supergirl passes out. Next thing she knows, she is tied on a bed. The perps start to leave with their booty but decide to have some fun with Supergirl's booty instead. The proceed to tickle her, spank her, strip her, diddle her and finally make her climax with a vibrator. After totally humiliating her, they leave tied up and helpless waiting to be discovered by the owner of the premisis.

"Supergirl Captured, Tickled, Spanked & Humiliated" - 30 minutes

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