Lex Luthor Rapes Supergirl

Starring Veronika as Supergirl, and Lex Luthor

Featuring Blow Jobs/Oral Sex, Chloroformed/Carried, Kryptonite, Nudity, Rape, Sex Toys/Dildos, Sexual Content, and Superheroines

Lex Luthor calls Supergirl and tells her to come to his lair to capture him. Unbeknown to her, Lex has a Kryptonite choker which he puts around her neck rendering her helpless. Then he makes her give him a blow job and then he tears off her costume, little by little, ravaging her as he goes. Finally, he screws her silly and then tit-fucks her until he comes all over her chest. As a final indignity, he ties her to the X-frame and rapes her with a nightstick and then screws her again! He leaves he totally demoralized and helpless.

"Lex Luthor Rapes Supergirl" - 21 minutes

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