Adventures of Batgirl - Captured and Screwed

Batgirl arrives at the proposed scene of the crime - searching around for the alleged invadert.  She is confronted by a masked man who quickly shoots her with a stun gun - she loses all control of her movements and slowly falls to the ground.  The masked man hovers over her - mocking the situation she's landed herself unfortunate day for Batgirl!  Batgirl is tied tight to a contraption that keeps her still - not that she can move from the prolonged effects of the stun gun.  The masked man strips her outfit down to reveal her breasts and starts to have his way with her - fondling her body.    He moves on to the next step in his plan - having his way with her.  Believing that Batgirl is a virgin -he wants to pop her Bat-cherry.    The masked man has her tied tightly with a rope wrapped snugly against her pussy -he plays with the rope to further excite the caped crusader before pulling her costume aside and screwing her silly.  Poor Batgirl is left tied to the x-frame....what is her fate?? 

Starring Renee as Batgirl


"Adventures of Batgirl- Captured & Screwed" - 40 minutes - $35



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