Supergirl v. Lex Luthor

Renee as Supergirl, taunted by Lex Luthor. While at work Renee receives a phone call alerting her of a robbery- we watch as she strips out of her alter ego outfit...and into her Supergirl costume. Upon investigating the robbery, she uses her x-ray vision to check the surroundings for the villain. Kryptonite is tossed into the room and Supergirl slowly weakens, finally succumbing to the effects. When she comes to, she finds herself bound to a chair. Realizing her situation and that she needs to break free, she uses her "super lungs" to blow the kryptonite out of harm's way. Breaking free from her restraints, she heads off in search of Lex Luthor. Returning home, she finds that her office has been looted, important file stolen. She finds a CD stating "PLAY ME". She plays the CD only to be overcome by some unknown feeling (could it be kryptonite powder?). She slowly succumbs to the feeling and ends up passing out on the floor. Supergirl wakes up to find herself in a strange room. Trying to escape, she realizes the room has been sprayed with a kryptonite powder. We watch as she slowly weakens..... what is Supergirls fate?

Starring Renee as Supergirl

No nudity or sexual content

"Supergirl v. Lex Luthor" - 31 minutes - $30

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