Superheroines Knocked Out

First scenario with Renee as Supergirl and Alex as Wonder Woman:  WW rushes in and tells SG that they must act now - one of her arch-enemies has escaped.  SG tries to convince WW that they need to wait until they have the entire League Of Superheroines behind them for support.  WW doesn't like this response - they end up battling each other with quick KO's featuring Supergirls strength, her superbreath, nerve pinches, karate chops, hypnosis and kryptonite.   18 minutes.

In the second scenario:  Veronika as Supergirl and Alyssa as Wonder Woman.  WW and SG have met in the Danger Room to share any and all KO techniques that they've learned over the years....  Using super-breath, paralyzing pressure points, sleeper holds, hypnosis and super pressure point finisher.  It's a battle of the superheroines.   There is a lot of "sleepy" language incorporated in the scenes -- ie:  sleepy-land, dream-land, nighty-night, say goodnight.  30 minutes

Starring Renee as Supergirl, Alex as Wonder Woman ---  Veronika as Supergirl and Alyssa as Wonder Woman


"Superheroines Knocked Out" - 48 minutes - $35

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