Superman- The Weakness

Supergirl gets together with her cousin - Superman - wanting to discuss some recent discoveries that she's made.  Her plan is to gain notoriety as THE strongest of the two and in order to do this - she must show that Superman has a weakness.  She learns that Superman can be weakened and overpowered by females who arouse and manually stimulate him.  This has the same effect on Superman as kryptonite.  As they struggle - with Superman easily overpowering her, Supergirl reaches down and starts to stroke the superhero's cock.  Watching her cousin weaken, Supergirl continues in her feisty manner to totally weaken Superman to show who is the strongest.  Supergirl teases him - taunting him verbally about how weak he is - showing his weakness by asking him to lift something (he struggles mightily) -- stroking him weaker and weaker until he falls unconscious.

Starring Veronika as Supergirl


"Superman - The Weakness" - 28 minutes - $35

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