Wonder Woman Mind Control

Raven has always dreamed of being Wonder Woman.  As she's reading the paper one day, she comes across an ad from someone wanting to meet WW.  Raven thinks this is the perfect opportunity to fulfill her fantasy - she can dress up as WW, show up to meet the person and pretend that she's WW!!  She replies to the ad and shows up at the appointed place on schedule.  Unbeknownst to her, the guy who placed the ad has a plan of his own.  He wants to make WW his Stepford wife.  He gives WW a beautiful ring and she puts it on.  Before she's aware of anything, she's under this mans control.   She responds to every command and ends up cleaning and cleaning and cleaning!  Poor Raven, she didn't expect this!  When finally brought out of her trance, she tries in earnest to convince the man that she's really not WW.  He doesnt' believe her and he wants to rid the world of WW so he puts Raven under his control again and hands her a gun.....

Starring Raven as Wonder Woman

Video contains no superheroine action - nudity or sexual situations.  Mind Control as main element 

"Wonder Woman Mind Control" - 30 minutes - $30

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